Signature Sound for

signature events

With an extraordinary style, QC is at home at extraordinary events. The top-class band combines a selected program of pop, funk and soul in their unique sound.

With an elegant and charming naturalness the professional musicians send a very special energy from the stage.

With QC, personalities are on stage both musically and optically. In well thought-out staging and a stylish appearance, the individuality of the musicians becomes another exciting feature of QC.


QC ensures unforgettable moments and inspires both the audience and the band itself.


Curtain call, lights on, sound is running. QC is on stage for you, ready to take your event to the next level.


In creative and surprising arrangements, QC adapts well-known hits from pop, funk and soul. Plenty of space for improvisation keeps the music alive, makes it breathe and every show unique.

QC fills the hall with an energy that invites you to listen, dance and celebrate. An energy that can only arise from good live music.


What QC sends off the stage is 100% real. Virtuosity and a clear sound characterized by musical creativity - that is QUINCY CALLING.